2017 ~ A year of change…

2017 is a year of change! I will warn you ahead of time, some good things will happen in your life and possibly some bad things too. God and suffering has been a very debatable subject within different theological circles. I have learned however that God is always there to offer us comfort in times of suffering but God is also there when we are victorious and as a result, He should be considered our #1 fan!

Are you treating God as though He is your #1 fan? God stands in our corner everyday cheering us on like the loving Heavenly Father that He is to all of us. But here is my question to all of you as we approach Easter: Are you only making time for God when you fall on tough times or when it seems like you are required to for family or special occasions?

I took a position in the off-season as a full-time hospice chaplain and now provide pastoral care to the terminally sick. I never saw myself ministering in this way because of the heartache I felt when I lost my Dad back in 2009. I automatically assumed that it would be too much to handle and told God that I would serve Him as long as I didn’t have to do hospice work. A Word of caution here: If you ever want to hear God’s laughter then just tell him your plans! I now realize as I look back on my life that my Dad was actually my first hospice patient. Since taking on this new responsibility, I try to see the blessing in each new day and when life gets me down, I ask God for strength to keep going! My hope and prayer is that you do the same…

  “Tough times never last but tough people do!”

 Robert Schuller


God is Good!

Rev. Randy


Let’s Go Racing!

Things are certainly getting underway as the 2016 Racing Season at Byron Dragway has come into full swing! The juniors and high-schoolers have already had two races and we have the Short Track (1/8th mile) race this Sunday with plenty of action for the spectators coming to the Playground of Power.

This winter many of you have redone your cars and taken a long hard look at how to improve at racing. I also had plenty of time to think about racing and at this time, I am formally announcing that I won’t be racing this year. Last year, I raced three different classes ~ Street, Sportsman, and the Midwest Index Street Brawler. I became track champion in Street and Street Brawler and had an enormous amount of fun going to Indy to race as a team but something felt off the entire year.

I had the opportunity to understand how much work goes into a racing program! This was something I would have never understood unless I had raced the last three seasons. The thing was though, even though I created many new friendships in the staging lanes with all my competitors, I really missed having the opportunity to stroll the pits and talk everyone at the track. This is where my heart is, talking with you and providing spiritual and inspiring words of encouragement. I will therefore take this year to get back to the pits and try to say hi more often and just try to be a presence among all of you.

There might be some changes along the way but I want you all to realize, Sanctuary of Speed Ministries was created for you! This is your church and I was only the guy that God anointed with the passion to bring this ministry to fruition. We will be having some visiting pastors this season to bring in words of encouragement as well. I am in dire need of additional chaplains as I can not be at the track every weekend. So please, if you know of someone who has a real heart for ministry and loves drag racing, please have them pray about becoming a SOS Chaplain. God put it on my heart years ago that we should raise up other race track churches but I can’t do it all by myself either. LOL (Trust me, I’ve tried!) In all seriousness though, God is always in control and I wish all of you the best of luck this year as you race for points and that everyone stays safe!

Rev. Randy