Weekday hospital chaplain, weekend racetrack reverend

Check out the publicity we continue to get from the Rockford Register Star! As a result, several churches have requested that I talk with them to see how they too can begin reaching out to people at the car shows and racetracks in order to show the love of Christ to the hot rod community. Please pray for our ministry to be a great resource for them as well as to possibly establish common support for one another.

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Weekday hospital chaplain, weekend racetrack rev

The Rev. Randy Heinzeroth is the resident chaplain

at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago during the week. But on weekends, he’s the reverend of the raceway at Byron Dragway.


The 42-year-old Rockford resident has been ministering at the track for the past eight years. He’s been associated the past three years with the Sanctuary of Speed Ministries, which provides services at several Midwest tracks.


“I pray with people,” he said. “A lot of people are going through tough times with things like cancer or divorce. People know they can pull me aside here and get some spiritual guidance.”


Heinzeroth also conducts a 20-minute Sunday morning service for the racers in front of his 38-foot travel trailer, which is always parking near the track’s entrance.


“We average about 40 people on Sundays.”


At the start of the racing day, Heinzeroth also delivers a prayer over the public address system, asking God to watch over the competitions.


And on certain days when the track’s staff has an early start and might have missed breakfast, Heinzeroth makes and distributes breakfast burritos.


“It doesn’t take much, but it fills a need and we are a need ministry.”


But being at the track is not just about his ministry: Heinzeroth competes in the Street division in his 1983 Monte Carlo Super Sport.


And last year, as a rookie, he won a race.

 Doug Goodman

Here We Go!!!

I would first like to thank Dawn and Bill Butusov for donating the new “Cross” to our humble little worship area. Plans are being made to decorate the cross that is very fitting for our motorsports venue but I don’t think the yellow, green, and red bulbs are going to be added to it as some of the racers have suggested.

No, the cross is a constant reminder to us for the price that our Lord and Savior paid for all our inequities and sins. We can look to that cross at anytime for strength, knowing that in Jesus’ deepest suffering, he carried the weight of the world on his shoulder!

We are in full swing now for the racing season at Byron Dragway. Memorial Day Weekend was so much fun for everyone! The racing was excellent and friendships were re-kindled after such a long and tiring winter although it won’t be long until people are complaining it is too hot!

I’m looking forward to seeing everyone again this weekend for some more racing! Please stop by the Sanctuary of Speed and say Hello if you haven’t already done so! We want to pray with you and give as much spiritual counsel this year as we can. Lord knows, we can all use a prayer once in a while to just put our hearts and minds at ease.

God Bless!

Rev. Randy