Into the Swing of DragRacing!

Mother nature has had a pretty good laugh with all this rain over the last 10 weekends at Byron Dragway, the home base for Sanctuary of Speed Ministries.  As I sat down last night after all the race action of the day, after watching BJ, Jim Laughlin , Mr. Bill and Dakota burn and scrape the excess rubber from the launch pads until late into the night, I realized I hadn’t wrote a sermon for this morning.

Normally, I have a good idea where to take the message after listening to the hearts and minds of our racing community on Saturday but last night I really didn’t know what the message would be. I could only hear one distinct thing, REST. Upon waking up at 5:15 am to the sound of my awning starting to rumble with the inherent loom of a thunder storm approaching in the horizon, I realized that Chapel service was not going to happen this morning so I went back to sleep to REST.

Some of you are aware that I have had to take a position that I never dreamed I would be doing in my life, learning the art of carpentry from Rick Roberson. After volunteering to work with him on the tower project and the many other volunteers such as Super Bill and others, Rick offered me a job and I decided I would try it out. As a minister, I have learned that we must do what we need to do in order to sustain ourselves financially while working to serve our God. I keep thinking about how our Lord was also a carpenter. Jesus was predominantly known as a fisherman….a fisher of men but His trade before he started His ministry was carpentry. So in my mind is it was good enough for Christ then it is also good enough for me but I gotta tell you, there have been those days in which I thought I got steam-rolled like While E Coyote after a hard day of work! 8-)

My message this morning is really simple. “Rest in the Lord” no matter what obstacles seem to cross your path. God has a plan for each and every one of us.

Psalm 37:7 says “Be still in the presence of the LORD, and wait patiently for him to act.”

David as well as many others in the Bible found rest in the presence of our Lord when they faced trials of life. In particular, I think about what David must have been thinking right before he went into battle against Goliath. Knowing that the strength of God will help you along the way is a key attribute of Christianity. Without that strength to help us through tough times would be a sure fire way to failure. And when we think we have failed, I’m always quick to press into the Lord to find out what lesson can be learned from the setback. You see, life is not always a box of chocolates like Forest Gump said but there is truth in knowing that life can throw you for a loop every now and then. The key to it though is getting back up like Rocky did to keep fighting the good fight!

Please take a moment to watch the clip below.

January Newsletter

Well, we have finally  arrived to the thick of winter and if you are like me, you are very excited that the race teams are making preparations to travel to Pomona to kick off the 2015 season. I write this after having had to snow blow the drive twice today after getting around 10-12 inches of the white fluffy stuff. The cool thing about snow is this, as many of you are aware, each snowflake is uniquely created by God. God is so awesome that He even knows that each one will have its very own signature. It reminds me that He also knows each and every one of us too! Just like a snowflake that will eventually melt away, God created us in the very same manner. Just like the snowflake, our time is limited on this journey and some will make it last longer than others. The way we live it out is sometimes difficult and every one of us is tarnished to sin. But what is so absolutely cool is that God forgives us when we make those mistakes and just like the prodigal son’s Father, (Luke 15) , He wraps his arms around us and welcomes us back! That is so amazing!

I am excited about the possibilities this next season and certainly look forward to racing but more importantly, I am excited about seeing more people come to know a relationship with our Lord and Savior. Yea, many believe in Him especially around Christmas time but what happens when we get past that and look towards Easter? Well, we start to understand the price that Jesus paid in order for us to have that great relationship with God. God sacrificed His one and only Son as the final payment for all mankind, past present and future!

So, the next time you look out at a snow flake or Google it on the internet for my friends living in the warmer climates (a little envious right about now) think about how your Father in Heaven created you and ask yourself if you are living out your life as He might have intended. This year during the season, I am going to be exploring more about the Christian walk and what it means to us to walk the walk. I hope you all have a great February and feel the warmth of God surround you in all that you do!


Rev. Randy