January Newsletter

Well, we have finally¬† arrived to the thick of winter and if you are like me, you are very excited that the race teams are making preparations to travel to Pomona to kick off the 2015 season. I write this after having had to snow blow the drive twice today after getting around 10-12 inches of the white fluffy stuff. The cool thing about snow is this, as many of you are aware, each snowflake is uniquely created by God. God is so awesome that He even knows that each one will have its very own signature. It reminds me that He also knows each and every one of us too! Just like a snowflake that will eventually melt away, God created us in the very same manner. Just like the snowflake, our time is limited on this journey and some will make it last longer than others. The way we live it out is sometimes difficult and every one of us is tarnished to sin. But what is so absolutely cool is that God forgives us when we make those mistakes and just like the prodigal son’s Father, (Luke 15) , He wraps his arms around us and welcomes us back! That is so amazing!

I am excited about the possibilities this next season and certainly look forward to racing but more importantly, I am excited about seeing more people come to know a relationship with our Lord and Savior. Yea, many believe in Him especially around Christmas time but what happens when we get past that and look towards Easter? Well, we start to understand the price that Jesus paid in order for us to have that great relationship with God. God sacrificed His one and only Son as the final payment for all mankind, past present and future!

So, the next time you look out at a snow flake or Google it on the internet for my friends living in the warmer climates (a little envious right about now) think about how your Father in Heaven created you and ask yourself if you are living out your life as He might have intended. This year during the season, I am going to be exploring more about the Christian walk and what it means to us to walk the walk. I hope you all have a great February and feel the warmth of God surround you in all that you do!


Rev. Randy

December Newsletter

Dear friends of SOS,

As many of you are aware, this last year I was involved heavily in a residency at Northwestern Memorial Hospital (see last post) pursuing my clinical education. Upon completion of that at the end of August, I have been waiting for God to move and He finally has. I am accepting an appointment as a Chaplain at Sheridan Correctional Center in Sheridan, IL.Consider watching a video on this link.

I have always had an interest in this type of ministry and feel that it is God’s additional call in addition to the motorsport’s ministry. This being said however, my work schedule at the prison will not allow me to be at Byron Dragway on Saturdays any longer. I will be there on most Sundays however and will continue to preach on the Big Bucks Bracket Bash weekends.

I am asking that if you or someone you know might have an interest in coming on-board with SOS to potentially help out as a chaplain, please have them look at the website and consider applying to become a chaplain. It is a very rewarding position in that God can use any of us to bring a smile or inspiration to a racer or fan at just the right time in their life to know that we care about them.

Renee and I are very excited about where God is leading us and how things are going in our personal lives as well. God has been at work in our lives!¬† I have not had any income or unemployment income since August and yet, everything is being provided for us in ways that can only be viewed as examples of God’s goodness.

We love you all and wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Rev. Randy & Renee