Welcome 2014 Season

Well, it’s been a long and very difficult winter but there seems to be hope for us in the fact that the snow continues to melt and disappear daily! Hallelujah! Maybe last year you had the season of a lifetime and now have a jacket to prove it or maybe you didn’t do as well as you hoped to….it’s all immaterial at this point because with every new season, there is a dawn to a new age. Hope for better times after making top-secret modifications over the winter and the ability to drive a big car versus battling in the “juniors” are all very exciting but what should we really be excited about? In my opinion, the real excitement is found in knowing that no matter how we act, good, bad, or indifferent, there was a man some 2,000 years ago that hung onĀ  a cross and was crucified for our modern-day sins. That is very powerful when you truly think about it. So the next time when you lose a round, or something breaks that is going to upset you, maybe we (myself included) should just think about the moment in time when our Lord truly realized what his life had come to as they nailed the spikes into his body in order to raise him up on the cross.

I realize that my words this morning are very powerful and in many cases, this will be very difficult to read. But isn’t that the truth about many things in the Bible? I always joke how the word Bible actually means Basic. Instructions. Before. Leaving. Earth. Or more importantly…before Life. Eternal!

So, with all this being said, and with our celebration of Easter coming this next month, let’s all truly seek to fulfill the Lord’s work as we share this message, however we see fit over the next coming season. Let’s take the time to make sure our friends at the drag strip are aware of what Easter means to us and that it is more than the Easter Bunny.

It’s not about religion folks but more so about having a belief that Jesus was the Son of God who paid the ultimate price for our sins, allowing us the free ticket to Heaven if we profess that belief alone.

Matthew 10:32 NIV states, “Whoever acknowledges me before others, I will also acknowledge before my Father in heaven.”

My ultimate question for you is this: Is this going to be you? Are you willing to take time to talk to your friends and make sure they know your inner beliefs so that they too will have an opportunity for eternal life? It’s really quite simple in that I want the entire drag racing community of Byron Dragway to know that no matter what happens, how bad things seem to get in their life, that there is a mighty God who sent his one and only Son, to be a light of inspiration to all of us. Jesus gave us hope for a new dawn that someday will not include politics or healthcare frustrations..but for a life that is filled with bliss. If drag racing is your bliss nowadays, just multiply that feeling of a win at the finish line by a 1,000 and then you will know what it feels like to enter into relation with God in heaven.

I’m including a video clip today, the trailer for the new movie coming out, Heaven is for Real. I encourage everyone to take time to watch this at the theaters when it comes out Easter Weekend.

“Dad ran his last race and God won…”

On behalf of Sanctuary of Speed, I would like to ask all of you to put the Paris family in your thoughts and prayers .Rico Paris, a pioneer of the dual Hemi dragster that his son Domenic has been racing for the last several years at many different nostalgic events, went to be with the Lord this morning. Our hearts mourn with the Paris family but rejoice knowing that a member of the drag racing community has fought the good fight and went to rejoice with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

As more information is available, I will try to keep everyone posted as per the family’s wishes.